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Our PGA Professional staff is dedicated to making golf a fun game for as many people as possible. We offer a variety of lesson programs to provide convenient, reasonably priced options for golfers of all abilities, gender and ages. These include programs such as Get Golf Ready for groups, The First Tee for Juniors, Ladies Only Clinics and even ā€œSwing Tips and a Beer with the Pro.ā€

Gary Burke

General Manager


Gary has been a member of the PGA since xxxx and the General Manager at Crystal Lake Golf Club since 2018. (EG) He enjoys sharing his passion for the game with his students and believes that they should first focus on the target and create a positive mental image of their shot, whether it is on the putting green or at the tee. He also believes that a proper swing plane is the best way to achieve consistent shot-making.

Kevin Osgood

Owner of Sterling Golf Management


Ryan Green



Golf Lessons

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